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Born in 2013, BLACKOWL is a french band hailing from the Voironnais country, located at the foot of the Chartreuse, a land of mountains, wilderness and monks’ alcohols. A wild land where the band has gathered to perform Old School Metal, in its various forms. Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, hard to tell which is the one as BLACKOWL plays all, in an old school way ! As the black owl, the band keeps it dark and wild. They keep the ruthless of old school black metal and combining the power of thrash metal with dirty rock'n'roll attitude. Just like DARKTHRONE did, and even closer, French BLACK HAMMER.

Neighbours and partners of BLACKOWL, ST BARTHELEMY’S TEMPLE was born in 2009 in Cularo to serve as a Vado Mori to these mediocre and vainglorious times, drawing it's inspiration from the finite nature of Man as well as the Great Saturn in His many manifestations. This killjoy minstrelsy, as comprised of P., L., J. and O., preaches to the deaf and misguided masses the word of the one god and true king of this world: the Conqueror Worm. Complaints of Black/Doom Metal that can remember GHAST !

This gathering of two underground and secret entities is a special one, not meant to be spread to the wide world. A very limited release for the seekers only, as it’s limited only to 100 copies on 10”MLP format, and 100 copies on tape. Get it now, or dare to ignore this release for the times to come !

Pays d'origineFrance
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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