REVERIE "Isolation" CD

REVERIE "Isolation" CD

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The music of reverie was designed purposely not to be placed into a specific category... rather to be a myriad of dark intense music. I did not want to limit the spectrum of musical styles that I play and limit myself to one style of personal expression. It was a goal of mine to mix pieces of various styles of music while keeping the music always dark, eerie, and full of my rage against humanity. The concepts I focus on as far as lyrics are about metaphysics, nihilism, death, the vast cosmos, and isolation found deep within the wilderness. I chose not to print any lyrics, rather to capture the essence of the songs in pictures. I feel that I would rather have reverie be a personal experience for anyone who listens to it. I mean this by not categorizing my music; rather have each listener make it their own personal experience. I have grown sick of bands having no message, or real meaning behind their art/lyrics. Reverie is a pure metaphysical entity about my unlocking of the keys to the cosmos, and the gateways to the cosmos found here in this world. Reverie is black/ dark/ doom/ death/ metal. As well it was done purposely to not print lyrics, include a photo, promote the studio I recorded in, or include a thanks list. I wanted to keep this album as much a piece of art as well mystery as I could.

Some past history... reverie was started in 2003 when I was studying in New Orleans Louisiana. I grew tired of the black and death metal scene and the same old recipes of music inspired by the same sources, I had been in 2 other bands that where going no where due to the other members lack of dedication, and felt it was time to break away from the scene and craft my own sound. I did not want to sound like any other band or have a typical sound even in the recording for any specific style. I could not find the rite people who where dedicated and shared the same musical, metaphysical vision I have, so I decided I would create my music alone. I contacted Ron Vento of Aurora borealis/I.C.E and he agreed to record my album at his studio and found a session drummer who would fit the part [arcane of dead syndicate]. So in the summer of 2007 reverie - isolation was made during July and august. the cd itself was self released on the last day of October 2007.since then I have been working hard at another album for reverie and have signed a deal with atmf records

Pays d'origineUSA
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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