HOLOCAUSTIA "The Sacrament Seed" MCD

HOLOCAUSTIA "The Sacrament Seed" MCD

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Bloodaxe zine
Holocaustia – The Sacrament Seed (Unholy Horde)
As I mentioned in the review of "Tyranny through honour" this band goes beyond the margin of Thrash Metal. Since that particular demo Holocaustia seems to have taken a different road and takes out the heavy artillery on "The sacrament seed". The Thrashing edges have been shaved and exchanged with an injection of violent accuracy. Accuracy, because of the technically outstanding manic stream of aggression, tight as a virgin's ass. Most credits go to 'Temple of flesh', the morbidity of slow parts mixed up with the suffocating speed just cranks up my spine. Absolutely shivering! Not that the demo was bad, but this band has grown so immensely and obviously I didn't expect "The sacrament seed" to be this GROTESQUE (not the band!)!. Apparently there is room in Black Metal for positive surprises and if Holocaustia continues this way this promises to be one of the best things that happened to the genre in a while. A mandatory purchase!

Pays d'origineSuède
Style de musiqueThrash Metal

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