ANIARA "Caress of Darkness" Tape

ANIARA "Caress of Darkness" Tape

ANIARA is a heavy metal band which started in Olofström under the name OAK and released the demo “Caress Of Darkness” back in March 2012.

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After the name change, that material got edited, improved and remixed for proper EP release and now comes with a new artwork as well. Aniara follows the steps of classic swedish school of doom and evokes the best moments of GRIFTEGÅRD, COUNT RAVEN and early MEMORY GARDEN, while creating a distinctive mood ranging from cold melancholy to sinister, eerie outbursts. Narrated with powerful and expressive vocals of Witchfinder Ågren (also in PORTRAIT and HANDS OF ORLAC) and backed by challenging cannon-heavy riffs and solos, makes this a must hear for any Initiate of underground doom.

Pays d'origineSuède
Style de musiqueDoom Metal

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