BLACKOWL "The Dark Side" CD

BLACKOWL "The Dark Side" CD

After one demo in 2015 and a split 10" released in late 2018, french trio BLACKOWL is back with their first album called "The Dark Side" to be out on May 15th on CD.

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Hard to categorize the band, in between Thrash, Black Metal, with rock energy and sometimes punk influences just like on this first unleashed track "Dark Side". BLACKOWL remains a mysterious bird that spreads its wings on long songs in which the band can take off and set great guitar solos and breaks and getting back even stronger. As usual they end with a cover song. A personal version that makes us think this could be their own song... Blackowls are not what they seem...

Pays d'origineFrance
Style de musiqueBlack/Thrash Metal

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