DEMONCY "Empire of the Fallen Angel" Digipack CD

DEMONCY "Empire of the Fallen Angel" Digipack CD

Since the return of Demoncy, they've been dominating the USBM world!  Now we have the new rendition of their 2003 album "Empire Of The Fallen Angel" but includes 3 new tracks!

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FPR is proud to have an alliance with IXithra, he is one of the longest running, remaining tried and true to the arts of black metal and FPR fully stands behind that philosophy, ideology and adversarial essence. FPR looks forward to the cooperation and alliance with Demoncy for when the time comes for the "NEW" full album of Demoncy!!!   black metal lives in the few, and we wish death upon the many!

Pays d'origineUSA
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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