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What you now hold in your hand is very early materials released for the first time ever on cd by the band Mercyful Fate. All have been tape traded or bootleged on vinyl at one time or another, this disc collaborates a complete collection of unreleased songs by the band. The first 9 songs were recorded while the bands name was still in limbo and were continued being called the Brats. This studio demo is very rare and was only available through a couple bootleg releases which had the demo broken apart, 7 of them on a 12" Lp and the other 2 on a 7" EP. Tracks 10 and 11 were recorded live at the bands first show or at least first show known to anyones knowledge, the date is unclear but there is only 2 shows recorded from 1981 in any circulation one of which is on Halloween and then this debut show which is believed to be sometime in Spring or Summer at latest. Since the exact date of the show is unclear it is impossible to know for sure the exact lineup other then King Diamond and Hank Sherman definitely performed on it. Tracks 12 and 13 were recorded live October 5th 1982 this is a tape that was widely traded amongst Mercyful Fate collectors and is a fanclub favorite by many. Now you have an entire 70 plus minute collection of rare as hell unreleased tracks by the greatest satanic heavy metal band of all time enjoy them like I have for this release was created by fans for fans. Posers and fanclub haters fuck off, LONG LIVE THE KING OF EVIL!!!!!

Pays d'origineDanemark
Style de musiqueHeavy Metal

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