HIGH POWER "High Power" CD

HIGH POWER "High Power" CD

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The best way to describe what HIGH POWER was about starts with 70's JUDAS PRIEST. Back then JUDAS PRIEST wrote really powerful songs with amazing lyrics like "Dreamer Deceiver", "Run of the Mill", and Victim of Changes, Saints in Hell, etc. HIGH POWER sort of takes the best elements of the first 4 JUDAS PRIEST albums and blends them with a dash of IRON MAIDEN, and a pinch of the (at the time) grounding breaking evilness VENOM had to offer and created what we consider a near perfect Heavy Metal album. This album has high-speed riffs, soaring and over the top vocals, melodramatic atmosphere that takes you on a heavy metal ride that you never want to stop. They just crush you with riff after riff and the harmonies are to die for. The vocals are a cross between Rob Halford and King Diamond, though mostly sounding like Rob Halford, but very acrobatic like King Diamond. The guitar riffs are massive, the guitar leads and incredibly intricate and interesting. This has EVERYTHING you want in an 80's Classic Heavy Metal album and a whole lot more. There's a lot to hear on this album, so if you haven't heard it before, spend some extended time with it and stay with you forever. We know there's fans of this band hidden in the woodwork because we have friends in Canada that have a really quality band named after one of their songs "Cauchemar", which means "Nightmare" in English. There's a lot of demos, live songs, and unreleased bonus tracks we could have added, but in the case with this band, we felt like the bonus tracks would bring down the quality of the album, and since we feel like you're not missing some hidden gem, we decided to leave them off.

Pays d'origineFrance
Style de musiqueHeavy Metal

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