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From bleak and funeral emptiness comes forth SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Do you feel this rotten stench from beyond the grave? This suffocating, blinding and devouring stench of desolation and death.... It surrounds you and gets through you, infecting your soul with ancient fear and bloodfreezing terror. Where graves burst wide open and legions of the dead arise and prowl the earth in their morbid lust for FLESH, where endless horizons are flooded with blood and gore, where you can no longer distinguish life from death or day from night, stands SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Drawing influences from the most ancient of Death Metal Cults and the darkest of Black Metal Hordes, they represent the malevolent force of real Death Metal; wicked and grim, atrocious and painful. Including the members and ex-members of Kill, XUL and Diabolicum, among others.

Pays d'origineSuède
Style de musiqueDeath Metal

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