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HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a special split 7" between the legendary MENTORS and their heirs apparent NEKRO DRUNKZ. One of the sickest 'n' sleaziest splits HELLS HEADBANGERS has ever released, this 7" features two songs from each band exclusive to vinyl, all of which are guaranteed to shock and disgust. As cult icons of the '80s PMRC censorship scare, MENTORS need no introduction: for nearly 20 years, these hooded miscreants created some of the most deliberately offensive metal/punk ever committed to tape, until the untimely death of vocalist/drummer El Duce in 1997. Although they'd later re-form in the 2000s, the two MENTORS tracks here - "Kings of Sleaze" and "Midnite Mistress" - respectively hail from 1994's Houses of the Horny demo and the 1991 LP To The Max; this is the first time either have been committed to vinyl. On the B-side are the self-proclaimed "Tyrants of Toilet Music," NEKRO DRUNKZ. As one could surmise by their two contributions here - "Crotch Crustaceans" and "Heavy Metal Mustache Ride" - the duo of NEKRO DRUNKZ are unapologetic juvenilia but run through shit-thick grindcore/rock. Having covered MENTORS' "Sandwich of Love" both live and on record, they're a perfect counterpart and finish off this split in fine, filthy fashion.

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