HOODED MENACE "Never Cross the Dead" 2x12"LP

HOODED MENACE "Never Cross the Dead" 2x12"LP

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Lasse Pyykkö of Phlegethon, Claws, Acid Witch and all fame may had been the busiest (rotten) been around over the last two years but Hooded Menace is where both the music, critics and fans of putrid – and we mean PUTRID – doom/death metal met perfectly.

Claiming no beating-around-the-bush influences by Cathedral’s ‘Forest Of Equilibrium’, Paradise Lost’s ‘Lost Paradise’, Hellhammer, Winter and other slimy metal artifacts, Pyykkö have once again summoned a monster, sludgy riffs and guttural growls from beyond the grave, all under the watchful eyes of the Blind Dead. Recorded as a two-piece (with Pyykkö handling all the instruments but the drums), Even more compact than its predecessor, ‘Never Cross The Dead’ takes back the doom/death to its most primitive state, piling riff upon riff upon riff with a sledgehammer until your head and ears fucking bleed, meaning that whenever they do pick up the tempo (“Night Of The Deathcult”), it’s only to rip you from the inside even more. And don’t you dare think ‘Never Cross The Dead’ is just a title: it is indeed a warning as there are out there some doors better left close and under heavy chains. This fearful album is a glimpse of what would then fall upon mankind if we let the untamed monstrosities which hide behind them go free. Question is: will you dare looking at it?

Pays d'origineFinlande
Style de musiqueDoom Metal

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