AGGRESSOR "Brutal Aggression" 12"LP

AGGRESSOR "Brutal Aggression" 12"LP

"Brutal Aggression" (also known and spread as Demo '88)” and the unreleased “Ensayo” '85 (Rehearsal '85)”, both complete and summing up eleven tracks of pure fierce. The one that vertebrates this supreme genre, beyond all possible topics and labels, Metal played with real hate, scorn and conviction, spontaneous... Evil.

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Side A contains “Brutal Aggression”, recorded during the last days of 1987 at Distorsión Hasta la Locura Studios and released in 1988 as their first official work in the form of a demo-tape, being way ahead of its time and still unmatched today in many ways. Shred like lightning solos, harsh and shrieking vocals, fast drumming... Simply, guts and talent that overcome and go beyond every production aspect. It's dark, violent, oppressive. Undeniably, when the intro that precedes “Immortal Blood” kicks off a shudder runs across every nerve. It was immediately recognized as their own by the chosen few within this kind of stuff at the time.

On side B, there is the unreleased 1985 rehearsal. Comprising six songs (of which complete songs and some parts ended as full new songs for “Brutal Aggression”), these are far from fillers. There's an undeniable dark and violent vibe, there's conviction present all the time from “Post War” to “Death From The Sky”.

Black vinyl limited to 300 copies printed on reverse board sleeve with insert.


Pays d'origineEspagne
Style de musiqueThrash Metal

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