EMPTY "The House of Funerary Hymns" 12"LP

EMPTY "The House of Funerary Hymns" 12"LP

Artwork by Chris Moyen !

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In 1995 Maligner and B. Sanety decided to make their own band so to satisfy their darkest musical feelings: Empty was then formed. In 1997 Drizzt joined the newly formed band to play the bass. Last November and December Empty performed a mini-tour throughout Spain and played a gig in Madrid with Immortal and Primordial. In the middle of winter in 2001, “A source of Hollow Essence” was recorded and then released in 2002. “The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair” followed on in 2005, showing the Empty’s most negative and depressive side, but being more Black Metal than ever. This new chapter in the band’s career confirms Empty’s unique ability to craft funereal moods by shaping Black Metal into a painful perception of decay. After a 14-year music career, Empty can be deemed as the father of this “genre”, as the band inspires feelings of inner darkness in a very personal way and is firmly rooted in its own style of playing without being affected by the plasticization of contemporary Black Metal scene. The macabre old-fashioned grotesque cover by Chris Moyen puts the final nail in the putrescent coffin of emptiness.

Pays d'origineEspagne
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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