ISTEN "Death Marches On" Zine

ISTEN "Death Marches On" Zine

Isten Fanzine commemorates its 28 years of underground hardheadedness by unleashing a double whammy upon the world.

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Two times 16 full-size pages featuring the likes of Superchrist, High Spirits, Dawnbringer, Primordial, Forced Kill, Negative Plane, Spiritus Mortis, Sólstafir, Lord Vicar, Züül, The Wounded Kings, and Quicksand Dream. Also included: testimonials from Annick Giroux, NecRonald, Mike Scalzi, Louise Brown, Mark Sawickis, and so forth. These two pamphlets are a unit, they are not sold separately.

IF YOU'RE A FAN OF SUPERCHRIST, HIGH SPIRITS and DAWNBRINGER, you must get this zine !!!! the interview is a killer. The whole zine is a killer. Great design too.

Pays d'origineFinlande

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