ACID "La Musique Qui Ronge" - NAGAWIKA

ACID "La Musique Qui Ronge" - NAGAWIKA

The first release of the SataniCat Comics printing editions ! 24 pages (written in english, although the cover reads in french !) filled with an unreleased adventure of belgian Acid on a festival !!!

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This comics has been written and drawn by talentous maniac NAGAWIKA.
SataniCat Comics is a sub-division of FWP, dedicated to Metal minded comics !!! WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW TALENTS !
Almost 4 years since the 'Acid la musique qui ronge' release, the first official Nagawika release on paper, who later nothing but spreaded his talent all over the Underground Metal world, here is a new print of the sold out comics. New print of 50 copies on caramel color paper !

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