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Slated for a December 2nd release date, this heavy wax will be issued in a limited first pressing run of 400-Black, 100-White copies w/ full color jacket. Both bands hail from the windy city of Chicago where some of the finest US metal is being made these days. BOTD has had a hell of year so far, hot off a summer east coast tour with High Spirits where hundreds of ear drums were blown and plenty of Ol' Girls were left behind, plus a killer split 7" with Zuul that sold out faster than they were produced. And to top it off, I hear they have begun recording their follow up to the great Freedom Metal. We can't wait! For now, you'll all have to choke on "Valhalla, Holla." Great title, better song. Winterhawk....what can we say about the legendary Winterhawk. First off, this is the first release from them since 2003, and even those recordings were done in 1982. Their debut album "Revival" from the early 80's still stands the test of time as a killer metal album! Earlier this year, I caught one of their few and far between shows in Chicago and I had no idea what a captivating live band they are. Probably the best 40 minutes of this year for me! On this split, they offer up "DARK DAZE" and the world is ultimately a better place for it.

Pays d'origineUSA
Style de musiqueHeavy Metal

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