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Meslamtaea - "Gedachten": After the full-length "New era", Meslamtaea's instrumentaria has been expanded with synthesizers, so on this split you can expect an even bigger variety of sounds, all performed in a trademark wall of cacophonous melodies. By now, Meslamtaea's music has become totally impossible to label, but the three songs on this split give you a very very heavy contrast of both harsh and epic melodies, dreamy passages, aggressive vocals, but all with brilliant and extremely technical songwriting, merging all of this together in an adventurous trip into thoughts...

Cultus - "Tussen werelden": Four fast and storming yet melodic songs of furious and hateful black metal with clear and organic yet ultra-heavy production. Nonconformist and antisocial forest music and bitter black metal fanatisicm, without any doubt the best Cultus has ever produced in terms of atmosphere, songwriting and production.

Two unique projects who in no way write music to please any public, so you can expect totally trend-free, uncompromising and egoistic underground music. Highest quality vinyl mastering, highest quality vinyl and print manufacturing. Edition of 540 copies

Pays d'originePays Bas
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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