CHEVALIER "A Call to Arms" MCD

CHEVALIER "A Call to Arms" MCD

Coming from Finland, with a french name, no doubt that CHEVALIER holds the scepter of a long inheritage. They play Heavy Speed Metal deeply anchored in the 80's tradition, while still not being a retro covering band.

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Far from stealing riffs here and there, CHEVALIER manage to create Heavy Metal hymns that awaken the true spirit.
Heavy Speed Metal anthems led by the strong female voice, filled with guitar leads and duels, supported by fast pounding rhythms, giving the shivers when come the choruses that create legendary Metal songs ! It's hard not to raise the fist and yell "Chevalier"or "Knights side by side, under the sceptre we fight" !
CHEVALIER gathers the best memories of bands like Running Wild, Mercyful Fate, and obviously the french glorious bands ADX, Sortilège or H-Bomb, while the female front singer brings back Acid in our hearts. Also the raw production of this release brings an unique atmosphere, that could only be compared to the early Master's Hammer works.
"A Call to Arms" is now bringed on CD by an unholy meeting of three labels : Metal Warning from Finland, Rock Stakk from Japan and Forgotten Wisdom Prod from France.
Not need to say how proud we are to welcome this french Speed Metal homage and releasing it under our banner !!

Pays d'origineFinlande
Style de musiqueSpeed Metal

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