ILDRA "Thaer swefende haeleth licgath" Demo

ILDRA "Thaer swefende haeleth licgath" Demo

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Full-length demo release of epic and atmospheric heathen black metal, “Þær Swefende Hæleð Licgað” (translates to "Where sleeping heroes lie") now incorporates traditional folk-melodies, more epic sound and acoustic drums. Based on the pre-christian Anglo-Saxon values of class, oaths and heritage, Ildra deals with the threefold resting place of the fallen hero: Woden’s Hall of the Slain, the blood of the progeny, and the memory of the kin. All lyrics are in the Anglo-Saxon tongue, featuring arrangements of traditional Anglo-Saxon epic poetry. Limited edition of 449 handnumbered copies, comes with highest quality professional doublesided covers including all lyrics in Anglo-Saxon and their modern English translations.

Pays d'origineRoyaume-Uni
Style de musiquePagan Metal

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