AD ARMA "Völkermord" CD

AD ARMA "Völkermord" CD

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A bittercold, nihilistic and misanthropic warfare in the name of negativity is presented here. After the demo "Stalingrad", AD ARMA present here their first CD album. The recordings were done in late October 2009 in a special studio. From slow grieving deathfully melodies up to a fast bullet flying war ceremony the music materializes the cruel face of winterwar. Under the banner of war, hate and blasphemy a landscape of blood freezing nihilism was created here. Intollerant Antihuman Black Metal Warfare meets the point of what AD ARMA have done here. A cold atmosphere of war empathy. The release is limited to 500.

Pays d'origineAllemagne
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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