FUNERALIUM "Funeralium" CD

FUNERALIUM "Funeralium" CD

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The debut album of the French Ultra Sick Doom Metal band Funeralium (including members of Ataraxie, Hyadningar and Mourning Dawn) contains 6 l-o-n-g songs for almost 80 minutes (!!!) of torture Doom Metal and a real journy into insanity... Hysterical sick screams, deep grunts, old school doom riffs and totally necro atmospheres. Forget everything you think you know about disturbed music and prepare yourself for a fucked up experience!An album that gives a new meaning to the Extreme Doom genre...! For fans of Bethlehem (old!), Abruptum, Burning Witch, Thergothon...(come with a "nice" 16 pages booklet)

Pays d'origineFrance
Style de musiqueDoom Metal

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