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Offering exclusive new songs by both hordes, this split 7" solidifies both ABYSMAL LORD and CRURIFRAGIUM's joint standing as some of the most elite bestial metal, not only in North America but worldwide. ABYSMAL LORD are on Side A, and unleash two utterly cruel 'n' savage tracks that are their first new recordings since Disciples of the Inferno, their critically acclaimed HELLS HEADBANGERS debut album, in 2015. Vile and vomitous, these two new ABYSMAL LORD songs are absolutely crushing, and paint an excitingly putrid portrait of their future, which will soon manifest itself in an new full-length. Close comrades CRURIFRAGIUM are on Side B, and they offer a nine-minute epic. Malodorous and murky and winding through nameless caverns of disease and dread, this is CRURIFRAGIUM are at their most ambitious and challenging. Behold the rise of bestiality!

Pays d'origineUSA
Style de musiqueBlack Metal

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